I have been drawn to photography since my childhood in New Jersey, when my dad would break out his Bolsey rangefinder camera for some family photos. Dad wasn’t exactly an action shooter, so posing for the pictures (waiting for what seemed like forever for him to focus) wasn’t always fun. But it was always exciting to settle down for a family slide show — the images blown up large on the glistening screen, bright colors and sharp detail. Moments of our lives frozen in time on Kodachrome film.

It wouldn’t be until I finished college and got my first “real” 35mm camera, though, that I began to pursue photography seriously, and imagine it playing a significant role in my life. After getting my undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, I enrolled a couple of years later at the Art Institute of Boston to study Commercial and Fine Art Photography. Following that, I worked within Boston’s advertising community for seven years, first at the Clark Quin Studio, then working as a freelance assistant, and eventually becoming first assistant and associate photographer at the Eric Roth Studio. I left Boston in 1990 and spent a year overseas in Paris, France with my wife Michelle while she pursued a graduate degree. Upon returning, we decided to “leave the city behind” and relocated in the beautiful Pioneer (aka “Happy”) Valley of western Massachusetts. I no longer work commercially, but I continue to shoot and exhibit my personal work around the valley. Custom digital prints of my work are available for purchase (up to 13×19 in size). I’m also available to shoot portraits and editorial work on assignment. Thanks for taking a look…

Say cheese!

       Paul Yandoli